"Easy Gourmet" is the second original piece of original web-programming Yahoo Asia-Pacific went to Dummy Pilot to produce. Starring renowned Singaporean chef and restauranteur, Samia Ahad (of The Coriander Leaf, The Screening Room, and The LilyPad), the show provides viewers with simple recipes that yield incredible, restaurant quality meals that can be prepared in the comfort of your own home.

With Chef Samia guiding you, expect to see over the series a number of delicious recipes, including a fresh Calamari and Fennel Salad; a hearty and comforting Seafood Paella; and an exotic stir-fried, Black-Pepper Crab to name a few.

Watch all the episodes here.

Producer: Bhavna Shivayogimath
Director: Warren Tessler
Director of Photography: Sangchul Lee

Starring: Chef Samia Ahad

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