Get It is an online personals website where users can be as uninhibited as they'd like in seeking out casual or romantic relationships. This spec campaign was inspired by the site's deceptively mainstream aesthetic: at first glance, it may look no different from any other dating site, but upon closer inspection, you'll find that most users hold nothing back in their attempt to 'get it on' with potential partners.

The campaign was devised to roll out in two stages. First, an over-the-top celebrity cologne ad purportedly hawked by Jean-Claude Van Damme would be leaked online. Second, the same ad would be released, only this time portraying a young bachelor watching it in his apartment. Contrary to our expectations, he seems convinced of the cologne's potential and ready to buy a bottle tomorrow.

Cue the reveal that the entire campaign is actually for Get It, and that their service, not JCVD, will truly help you bring home sexy singles.

Director / Producer: Warren Tessler
Director of Photography: Han West
Motion Graphics: Jeremy Chia

Man: Seth Adams
Voiceover: Jason Brenizer

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